Betting on sports as a kind of entertainment and a way of life

Most of us have placed a wager and supported our favorite team, but sports betting, whether in a real casino or on online platforms, has become ingrained in the everyday lives of a growing number of people.

The worldwide epidemic is causing irrevocable changes in how we connect with the world and consume entertainment. Sports betting is one of those past times that has evolved as a result of the lockdowns and mandates to remain at home.

Read this story from earlier this month for an intriguing look at how COVID-19 has affected gamblers throughout the UK.

Gamblers as shown in films

James Caan portrays a gambling addict in the 1974 film The Gambler. And the character representation is dark and disturbing, yet it represents reality in many ways, just as art does.

His personality Alex Freed, an English literature professor, is unable to break away from his gambling addiction and excitement. He bets on everything and everything, and his loss of USD 44k in the first scene is only a taste of what he will lose during the film.

Well, this is one extreme lifestyle of what gambling is about, and it is perhaps the most exciting, since we all know someone who has a gambling problem and has lost everything, but this is not the case for all gamblers. Of course, gambling may be addictive, but the majority of gamblers are only seeking for a fun way to pass the time or a thrill wager on a team they are following.

The Way of Life It Can Afford

Obviously, sports betting may result in large payouts. From a ten pound stake, a 100/1 bet may net you 1,000 pounds. With all of the limitations in place, entertainment is difficult to come by, and money is even more difficult for others due to job losses and company closures.

Fortunately, most of us can still go online and wager on sports and games, and if you select a winner with large odds, you may win a lot of money. That’s one way to live a stylish first-class lifestyle, complete with Michelin-starred restaurants, posh pubs, and designer gowns.

The second option is to become a VIP with a casino or gaming site and get free accommodations, limousine trips, and free concert or premiere tickets. If you satisfy the criteria for a high roller, it’s not awful. It also doesn’t take much. You don’t need to gamble thousands of dollars every bet if you bet with speed and regularity.

Recognizing the Odds

One of the best aspects of any gambling sites is that there is a wealth of information available to assist you in comprehending the betting odds. Casino games like blackjack and baccarat have a well-documented house advantage that varies based on the rules of the game. The return to the player (RTP) of a slot is calculated using a mathematical formula, and players can typically find out what the potential RTP of a slot is very easy.

Other types of gambling, such as sports betting, are a bit more difficult to comprehend. There are, however, odds comparison services that may assist you in finding the best odds for the club, player, or event you wish to bet on. If you join a multiplier sports book website, you may take advantage of various bonus offers, get more bonus cash when you deposit, and spread bets using the odds comparison tool!

But, especially in this age of isolation and shrinking social connections, gambling can be addictive, so play wisely and bet only at trusted bookmaker companies one such company is Melbet. This bookmaker has an official license, offers some of the highest odds in the market, as well as guarantees the stability of payments.

Some bookmaker campaigns offer different types of affiliate programs to attract new players. The bookmaker described above also has an affiliate program called Melbet Affiliate. Anyone can join it. After registering on the website, you will get an affiliate link to attract new players.

Different Gambling Levels

Sports gambling encompasses a wide range of lives, from an enjoyable hobby to a lucrative job. Betting on the FA Cup finals or the winner of the Masters might appeal to a wide range of individuals.


Our Top 10 Oscar Picks for our Style Portfolio on Pinterest

Congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day Lewis, and Argo for winning the Oscar’s big evening achievements – Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Film.

While many of the films inspired our hearts and minds with the finest storytelling, designers and stylists also get to be in the spotlight. Here is our top 10 Oscar style and beauty picks.

1. Jennifer Aniston
Dress: Valentino

2. Jennifer Lawrence
Dress: Dior Haute Couture

3. Adele
Dress: Jenny Packham
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

4. Naomi Watts
Dress: Armani Privé dress

5. Jennifer Hudson
Dress: Roberto Cavalli

6. Robin Roberts
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

7. Jessica Chastain
Dress: Armani

8. Amy Adams
Dress: Oscar de la Renta

9. Kerry Washington
Dress: Miu Miu
Credit: Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

10. Charlize Theron
Dress: Christian Dior Couture
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

What you may not of known about the Oscar’s, people from all around the nation throw their own Oscar Parties for charity!  

The Knoxville Oscar party raised $16,000 for Variety Children’s Charity of Eastern Tennessee. Brenden Theatres at the Palms hosted the only official Oscar Party in Las Vegas, with proceeds benefitting Variety of Southern Nevada, The Children’s Charity. A celebrity Pre-Oscar Charity Brunch celebrated the Montblanc and UNICEF launch of their new “Signature For Good 2013″ Initiative at Hotel Bel-Air on Saturday in Los Angeles.

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Artist Jessica Mellow Paint’ED for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Model: Jessica Mellow
Artist: Margie Nugent
Photographer: Will Cook

With National Eating Disorder Awareness Week in our midst (February 24th – March 3rd, 2013), many campaigns and projects are being launched, one of which is particularly captivating in all of its unique splendor. New Yorkers, being such one of kind individuals with dreams and determinations bigger than the city that holds them, have a special eye to appreciate projects with the same qualifications, which leads us to one in particular New Yorker – Jessica Mellow: 27 years old, face, body and special effects makeup artist. After struggling with her own eating disorder for years, she is now launching a brilliant campaign to open the world’s eyes to the truth of eating disorders and help those that are struggling. After years in treatment, Jessica moved to New York where she discovered herself, happiness of life outside of her eating disorder, and the thrill of a new city and a new career. She says moving to New York and becoming an artist has saved her life. Her struggles have made her realize that life is meant to be enjoyed, experienced, and lived. Life is beautiful, unique and thrilling – just like a priceless work of art.

The Paint’ED campaign is striving to spread internationally, attaining various participants from diverse backgrounds, cultures, eating disorder diagnosis and stages in recovery to be body art models and be Paint’ED. The participants will be quite literally making art come to life as Jessica paints them with colors and symbols of meaning to them and their stories. Jessica says that body painting has brought so much healing to her life that she never feels more confident or comfortable in her own skin then when she is painted. The paint shapes to fit the individual; there is no “right” or “wrong” shape, as the paint fits you perfectly. The artist also says, “It’s about the transformation and magic that can come out of a brush and some paint. Glitter never hurts either.” Upon the completion of the participants being painted, their pictures will be taken; next to their pictures will be their written stories of their struggle with an eating disorder. All of the individual stories and pictures will then be complied into a book. Jessica believes everything happens for a reason – that life is truly wonderful, and that art can be so healing. Through this project, Jessica longs to show others just how healing art can be and wants to exhibit how they can experience it for themselves. A life of healing, full and vibrant color is within reach, and one brush stroke at a time, she will help people in their journey to get there.

For more information, or to learn how to get involved contact Jessica Mellow at: [email protected]


We Like Style with a Message

Artistic Tattoos
Found on www.ifashionsblog.com

Draw Your Mind Notebook
by Notemaker ($12.50)

Painted Pillows
DIY Inspiration

Heart Cookies
Found on thesweetestoccasion.com

The Love Tee
by Krochet Kids ($25.96)

Barkboard Rustic Chalkboard
by Olive Manna ($64)

Hannah Milman’s Office Inspiration Board
Found on Martha Stewart

Brass Love Letter Necklace
by Verabel ($36)

Come As You Are
Found on These Roundabouts

Free Tote Bag
by Made by Survivors ($20)


MusiCares Honors Bruce Springsteen as Person of the Year

Just two days before the 55th annual Grammy Awards, the world’s top musicians gathered in Los Angeles to recognize Bruce Springsteen as the 2013 MusiCares Person of the Year.

At this year’s Person of the Year gala, hosted by Jon Stewart, Bruce Springsteen was honored for this philanthropic work as well as his achievements throughout his music career. The event started with a silent auction, where Springsteen auctioned off an autographed guitar. Not only did he and the other stars in the audience sign the guitar, but Springsteen also offered up an hour-long guitar session, backstage concert passes, and other deals until the bid reached $250,000. The proceeds from the gala and the auction all went to MusiCares.

Not only did this event raise money for those in need, it also served as a preview for the amazing musicians being recognized at the Grammy Awards. The set list included hit artists such as Zac Brown, Mumford & Sons, Elton John, Sting, Neil Young, and Jackson Browne – all performing different Springsteen songs in tribute to the Man of the Year. The night ended with Springsteen and his E Street Band performing five songs of their own, with the audience singing along to the classics.

While the Grammy Awards acknowledge the musical talent and innovation throughout the industry, the MusiCares gala serves to recognize philanthropy while giving back to those in need.

About MusiCares
The MusiCares Foundation, established in 1989 by The Recording Academy responsible for the Grammy Awards, provides a wide range of services and resources for musicians in times of need. The goal of the foundation is to give music professionals a place to turn to when they are in need of financial, medical, or personal assistance. MusiCares gives back to those artists whose innovation and creativity drive the music industry.

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La Colombe Coffee Teams Up with Leonardo DiCaprio

Few things are better than a hot young actor teaming up with a great coffee company in order to make the planet a better place. Yes, it is true. Leonardo DiCaprio and La Colombe Coffee Roasters are brewing coffee for a cause!

Not many can turn away from a hot cup of fresh brewed cup-o-joe, especially during the cold winter months. Thanks to La Colombe and The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation your next cup of coffee can give back. During the month of February the two powerhouses announced the ultra high-end coffee, LYON.

LYON’s rich taste and sweet note of nectar, blends directly sourced and sustainably grown coffees from Haiti, Peru, Ethiopia, and Brazil. LYON coffee also promotes La Colombe’s five principles of ethical trade. And it gets better! One hundred percent of LYON’s net profits are donated to environmental charities supported by the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation.

Leonardo DiCaprio says, “Raising awareness on the most pressing environmental issues of our time is more important than ever,” DiCaprio says he is thrilled to be a part of this new project with La Colombe that helps aid the shift to a sustainable future for the planet and its inhabitants.

The DiCaprio Foundation addresses a wide range of environmental and humanitarian issues. The foundation has supported charities like: Stop Global Warming, Feeding American, WildAid, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare just to name a few.

Using earth conscious methods to grow coffee and trading it above fair prices, like all of La Colombe’s coffees, provides support for millions of families and communities in developing countries.

Todd Carmichael, CEO and Co-Founder of La Colombe, says LYON is already bettering the Haitian community, “Just to bring this coffee to market, has changed the lives of thousands of peasant farmers, as well as the landscape of the Haitian country. We are excited to be working with and supporting the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and find it, as well as its namesake, uniquely qualified to carry out our hope, to make our planet a better place.”

Convinced? LYON is now available in select William-Sonoma stores nationwide, La Colombe Cafes, select Whole Foods stores and online at La Colombe.
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F.A.B Fashion Week Party: A Night of Entertainment and Philanthropy

NEW YORK CITY – February 13, 2013 – Bright lights, moving music and mystifying paintings were just some of the many things that added to the night of sophistication and fun at this year’s F.A.B Philanthropic Fashion Week Party at Hudson + Broad. B Spa Bar’s Diana Seo and Celebrity Stylist Jorge Luis, along with PeoplePets.com, Elite Styles and Dreams in Heels PR came together to host this year’s event benefiting the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and Russell Simmons’ Diamond Empowerment Fund. The F.A.B. Fashion Week Party brought together a guest list of 200+ leading fashion bloggers, editors, fashionistas, designers, and philanthropists including featured designers Nelson Tavarez and Kara Laricks.

The F.A.B. NYC hosts combined fashion, art, beauty and philanthropy catering to every guest’s needs. Founder Jorge Luis shared his passion and message behind F.A.B., “I created this concept to turn fashion week and fashion sensation to the demonstration of new products and artists in any art or form to showcase their art or products in a party environment that is not only restricted to those of us who are privileged to be invited to the shows.” F.A.B truly reaches out to anyone who does not only have a passion for these arts, but who, along to having a good time and connecting with people, want to inspire by giving back to the charities that are being benefited.  Jorge Luis shares that his vision for F.A.B is to “get bigger and raise more money for different charities and getting more people involved.”

Behind F.A.B are many people working to put on the best event possible for the guests. One person in particular was Event Planner of Elite Style Events, Jessica LaRotta. Her role in collaborating with F.A.B was event planning, coordinating and designing. Being her 4th F.A.B. event, she expresses that what makes F.A.B so great to work on are “the emerging artists and philanthropy. Everything we do goes 100% back to charity.”

Not only was the whole concept of F.A.B inspiring, but also the stories that the artists had to tell. One of the emerging fashion designers that was showing off their new lines was Nelson Tavarez. At 21 years old, Tavarez became inspired to come up with a line in as little as 2 weeks! “My inspiration came from my struggles and my support system,” commented Tavarez with tears in his eyes. “I love what I do, coming up with new things and changing my way of life everyday.”

Everyone had something to do. Whether it was getting a delicious cake pop from Sweet and Flour or a sizzling taco from Yerba Buena, trying out new products from Priori, Prive Salon or getting their nails done by Nail Lounge NY to enjoying the music from DJ Twist, DRGS and Sara Charness and appreciating the fine arts by Hawk Alfredson, John Cichon and Marthalica Matarrita. Most importantly, whatever anyone did was benefiting the greater good.

F.A.B was sponsored by Priori, PeoplePets.com, Sweet and Flour, Clique Vodka, Tiger Beer, Pinkbook, Royal PhotoBooth, Yerba Buena, Royal Ascher Diamonds, ShopGiveNY, Hard, Senencito Photography, Prive Salon, Photography by LARJ, DJ Teti, Elite Styes Events, Dreams in Heels PR, Urban Gypsy NYC , Trio Productions, Espinal Catering, Nail Lounge NY , and Cashin Design Photography.