F.A.B Fashion Week Party: A Night of Entertainment and Philanthropy

NEW YORK CITY – February 13, 2013 – Bright lights, moving music and mystifying paintings were just some of the many things that added to the night of sophistication and fun at this year’s F.A.B Philanthropic Fashion Week Party at Hudson + Broad. B Spa Bar’s Diana Seo and Celebrity Stylist Jorge Luis, along with PeoplePets.com, Elite Styles and Dreams in Heels PR came together to host this year’s event benefiting the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and Russell Simmons’ Diamond Empowerment Fund. The F.A.B. Fashion Week Party brought together a guest list of 200+ leading fashion bloggers, editors, fashionistas, designers, and philanthropists including featured designers Nelson Tavarez and Kara Laricks.

The F.A.B. NYC hosts combined fashion, art, beauty and philanthropy catering to every guest’s needs. Founder Jorge Luis shared his passion and message behind F.A.B., “I created this concept to turn fashion week and fashion sensation to the demonstration of new products and artists in any art or form to showcase their art or products in a party environment that is not only restricted to those of us who are privileged to be invited to the shows.” F.A.B truly reaches out to anyone who does not only have a passion for these arts, but who, along to having a good time and connecting with people, want to inspire by giving back to the charities that are being benefited.  Jorge Luis shares that his vision for F.A.B is to “get bigger and raise more money for different charities and getting more people involved.”

Behind F.A.B are many people working to put on the best event possible for the guests. One person in particular was Event Planner of Elite Style Events, Jessica LaRotta. Her role in collaborating with F.A.B was event planning, coordinating and designing. Being her 4th F.A.B. event, she expresses that what makes F.A.B so great to work on are “the emerging artists and philanthropy. Everything we do goes 100% back to charity.”

Not only was the whole concept of F.A.B inspiring, but also the stories that the artists had to tell. One of the emerging fashion designers that was showing off their new lines was Nelson Tavarez. At 21 years old, Tavarez became inspired to come up with a line in as little as 2 weeks! “My inspiration came from my struggles and my support system,” commented Tavarez with tears in his eyes. “I love what I do, coming up with new things and changing my way of life everyday.”

Everyone had something to do. Whether it was getting a delicious cake pop from Sweet and Flour or a sizzling taco from Yerba Buena, trying out new products from Priori, Prive Salon or getting their nails done by Nail Lounge NY to enjoying the music from DJ Twist, DRGS and Sara Charness and appreciating the fine arts by Hawk Alfredson, John Cichon and Marthalica Matarrita. Most importantly, whatever anyone did was benefiting the greater good.

F.A.B was sponsored by Priori, PeoplePets.com, Sweet and Flour, Clique Vodka, Tiger Beer, Pinkbook, Royal PhotoBooth, Yerba Buena, Royal Ascher Diamonds, ShopGiveNY, Hard, Senencito Photography, Prive Salon, Photography by LARJ, DJ Teti, Elite Styes Events, Dreams in Heels PR, Urban Gypsy NYC , Trio Productions, Espinal Catering, Nail Lounge NY , and Cashin Design Photography.

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